Blondlot’s Transformation a “Distinguished Story” in Best American Short Stories 2014

My Chute in &NOW Awards vol. 3

Mr. Gray in 30 Under 30 edited by Blake Butler & Lily Hoang

Official Catalog of the Library of Potential Literature

Discomfort in Harp & Altar’s first anthology



from a manuscript-in-progress (“The Billy Material”) in Blazing Stadium issue 10

The Man from Aargau in NOON 2021

from Book of Living Things in Blazing Stadium issue 2

The Projection of Jupiter in Zoo City in Catapult

Silver Bell in New Flash Fiction Review #17

The Genuine Alacrity of Things in BOMB #147

Two Essays in issue 1 of Pulpmouth

Three Stories in Dreginald

The Best Fiction of Anxiety at Literary Hub

Not Like a Map at Bending Genres

At the Center of the Wasp at The Fanzine

A Brief History of Omniscience in The Elephants

The Aleatory Abyss is a long essay about chance operations, spoofing, the election, and people who live in malls. It’s dedicated to Mark Baumer. It was published on June 27, 2017 online at Real Pants. It’s also available as an ebook and in paperback and hardcover editions.

Weightlessness, an essay on anorexia, space travel, desertification, radiation, autoimmunity, in Catapult

Jay, a short story, in The Cossack Review issue 7 (read an excerpt here)

Heirloom in The Cossack Review issue 6 (read an interview here, the entire story here) (Pushcart nominee)

Grammar Lesson, an excerpt from MADAM, in Entropy (3/7/16)

“From Documentary Filmmaker Jurgen Grossbinger’s Journal,” winner of Beecher’s fiction contest, Spring 2015

Surrogate in Attempt Magazine (issue 1, downloadable)

Fishmaker in Conjunctions, “Natural Causes,” Spring 2015 (read here)

3 stories in Vestiges

M Wears A Dress, an excerpt from M, at Wigleaf (and a postcard, too)

BB & Calla Lily in BOMB Magazine, June 2014

excerpts from M in online and print editions of Black Sun Lit

The Slow Man has been included among The Wigleaf top 50 very short fictions 2014

The Art Teacher in Birkensnake 6 (fall 2013)

3 stories (Julian, Rico, and The Slow Man) at Web Conjunctions

Mole in BOMB Magazine

The End of History in The Collagist (possibly no longer available online), but included in forthcoming collection Famous Children and Famished Adults)

2 things in H_NGM_N

My Chute in LIT

Blondlot’s Transformation, winner of Black Warrior Review’s 8th fiction contest

Cassidy online at Hobart

Everyday, an Epic in Conjunctions 59

3 poems online in Dinosaur Bees

Choo and Cream online in issue 37 of The Collagist

2 poems in Reality Hands

Dear Gravity in NNATAN 0

The Monk and the Nun in the April Mother’s News

Office in Flyway (runner-up in essay contest, published in Fall 2011 issue)

Revision in Everyday Genius

Love Dolls in Anomalous Press

Boy in New York Tyrant

I Carried My Coma in Sidebrow

Girl in Brooklyn Rail

The Largest Unobstructed Area Given to Ham in Everyday Genius

Gaps (a response to Feminaissance)

Being Nobody (an essay) in MAKE (issue 10)

What People Want From Waves in Unsaid (issue 5)

2 poems in H_NGM_N

Henry Ford Made Time American in Absent Magazine

Nowhere Hill, winner of The Collagist’s non-fiction contest and a Pushcart nominee.

The Van Gogh Diary in Action, Yes

About the Inside in Sleeping Fish (Issue Eight), guest ed. Gary Lutz with Derek White

Interruptions in The Denver Quarterly and translated into Polish and published by Minimal Books

Sag: A Saga in Birkensnake

Cell Fish in The New Yinzer, guest edited by Claire Donato

excerpts of Not That Far in elimae

4 Tales in Spork

Stories Of the Things That Had No Power Of Their Own (Pushcart nominee) in Unsaid (issue 4) and translated into Polish and published by Minimal Books

EEG in Sidebrow

Discomfort (Pushcart nominee) in Harp & Altar and in the forthcoming Harp & Altar anthology

Poem in Corduroy Mountain

Parting in SmokeLong Quarterly

I am a lion birthing a kitten in Noo Journal

Adored, Or Red in Pindeldyboz

Slippery Handles in Juked

Decoy in The Portland Review