what I’m happy to see is a feeling

Dewclaw will stop accepting submissions for issue two on December 1.

At least I am excited by this issue. In a few weeks I’ll tell you more.


Amina Cain has a new story at Sidebrow.

I just like what she writes.


The bees are getting ready for winter. We’ve taken two jars of their honey–one last spring and one in summer. Each is a different color and tastes different than the other.


The size of the entrance to the hive is smaller for winter. This means the bees have less space to defend against hornets or other things that might slide in for their honey. You can see the wood bar blocking some of their slot.


Adam blogs more about the bees, so if you want more about the bees, read his blog.


I read something recently that made me angry. It doesn’t seem important now, but I’ll show you my response.


I’m still not brave enough to move away from the wall.