People here seem to break many things. There is broken glass on many sidewalks and streets and in parks, in the grass. A few nights ago, we heard something happening in the street—a man was tearing apart the table our neighbors had put on the curb. He was really intent on tearing it apart while standing in the street. He obviously wanted the table not as a table, but something else, maybe scrap metal, maybe evidence of his ability to tear it apart.

As Adam pointed out to me, there are places on the streets and sidewalks where sand piles retroreflect light. They have a sheen when you walk by them that’s disorienting at first, then kind of nice, like caffeine, then disorienting again.

The seal of the city of Providence contains the question, What cheer?

Here, people go around singing, at least in our neighborhood they do. There’s a woman who sings to herself in a language I don’t recognize while she does her wash in her yard. There’s a man who sings very loudly in Spanish about his amor. There are girls who sing songs to each other that were popular before they were born.

Also, there seems to be a lot of hair from wigs scattered on the ground. Not sure yet how this relates to the above.