I get excited when I see that someone from Ukraine has looked at my blog. It must be one of my ancestors checking up on me. When I think of ancestry I think of mothers, and I wonder how the anxieties my mother held in her body while she also contained me got into me. Are they in me now? They must be part of my musculo-skeletal structure. I do think I carry many of them as a kind of inner stutter. If there’s a place in Ukraine where my grandmother sat and didn’t feel the touch of her anxieties, can I get to that place, and if I can’t, how can I extend the place where I’m currently sitting far back into my past so that my grandmother, a blond child, can sit where I am and look out the window and see a blue house and a pickup truck in Providence and heal her daughter? I don’t know. I’ve been eating a lot of sauerkraut.