I’ll be teaching a fiction class this summer at Frequency beginning July 10, going for 4 weeks. Providence, please consider taking my class!

Here’s the course description that’s also posted here on Frequency’s site:

In this four-week course, you’ll be introduced to techniques from a variety of practices, such as divination, method acting, and meditation, to broaden your ideas about what fiction is and how it can be written. We’ll explore what it means to see as writers so that we can transform the people, objects, and events of everyday life into the fiction we write. We’ll also read and discuss several stories by contemporary authors to learn how they’ve approached plot, character, and narration. Weekly discussions of your writing will offer feedback and fresh perspectives. Writers of any genre and ability are invited.


Recently my friend was coughing, and it seemed like she was trying to tell me something, so I listened and understood her to be saying Olaffur Eliasson, which turns out to be the name of an artist. I just watched a presentation by Eliasson called “The Sun Has No Money.” I like his ideas about art and responsibility–Eliasson makes spaces where we can know that what we are seeing is an appearance without having to suspect that someone is trying to sell us our trousers. I learn from Eliasson that art can do a potentially really frustrating thing when it makes us remember that we’re humans with certain limitations, then doesn’t try to sell us a way of circumventing them.