the girl with brown fur by stacey levine

Stacey Levine’s book, The Girl With Brown Fur, needed to be published because her publisher (MacAdam/Cage) isn’t doing it for some reason, possibly they don’t have their shit together. Matthew Stadler, who operated Clear Cut Press, printed a “bootleg” version of the book. You can buy it here.

It’s nice when people don’t worry about being sued and do something good.


Adam fixed up the shit-talk composter a bit since people seem to be using it. You have to type a ReCaptcha now before you dump your stuff but that’s easy if you’re you and not a robot.

There is some good shit talk about being tired and not good enough. MacAdam/Cage, you can use the composter, it’s free. Just let it all out.

You can read what’s been composted here.