I wrote a short essay for the WE ARE CHAMPION blog. It is a sarcastic essay. I know, poets, irony is a problem right now. The problem with irony is America.

Laurie Anderson told me something about America. She said that in America corporations are treated as individuals, and to know just what kind of individuals these corporations are, they were given the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. According to this personality test, corporations put their own needs before the needs of all others, think they are better than other people think they are, are focused exclusively on achievement and recognition–they’re psychopaths. If corporations control America, then we’re living in a country controlled by psychopaths.

And we really should do something about the psychopaths–some poets are trying. And I am not helping at all am I. On Saturday I bought “boy butt” underwear from a psychopath, and yesterday I spent $100 at Whole Foods. I craved fruits that don’t grow anywhere near where I live. Craving–psychopaths love that.