special sporks

Spork Press is back!

I found out about Spork as they were announcing their death about two years ago. I had just read Crush by Richard Siken and found out that he co-edited this press called Spork that right that minute, almost, had died. But now it’s back!

I submitted a couple of things this morning and, within minutes, heard back. Spork is very much not dead, but quick.

On Spork’s site there is an explanation of how they bind books, “Making Special Sporks”. You should really look at the photo that goes along with this text:

“Sometimes we hide things in the spine before closing them up forever. The other copy on this page has hollows in the covers where secret things were hidden forever. You have to destroy the book to find the things we bury, and sometimes you destroy the things themselves through trying to find them. There’s no way to know what’s in there. For one book I took jewelry from my body as I was creating the book and hid pieces in five different places. . .In case you’re wondering, the surface was stabilized (ph neutral), then sealed with flexible PVA before the petals were laid down, follwed by more PVA. So the oils from the petals are encapsulated in glue, and won’t affect the pages or the cover. I have, once, filled the covers and spine with mold, so that the book would destroy itself on the shelf, but that wasn’t one of these, nor was it a Spork book at all. It was just fun. Fun for me, anyway.”