This Saturday I’ll be a “poet-in-residence” at the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle. This is something Wave Books helped organize to celebrate poetry month, which April is for some people.

I’ll be sitting at a table in the Vortexhibition Polyphonica exhibit. The idea is that each object in this exhibition is a kind of “hub” for the others around it. I will a hub for photos by Gerhard Richter and a painting by Matthew Simmons’ brother, Jeffrey Simmons, among other objects. I think I’ll be trying to work.

Last summer, Wave organized an event called “3 Days of Poetry,” which also happened at the Henry. There, I watched a short film of various footage of Frank O’Hara. It showed him working at a typewriter on a table. He had a cat on his lap; I think the cat was sometimes on the table between him and the typewriter, too. For a while he was petting the cat and showing it affection; then he must have become impatient: he roughly shoved the cat off the table onto the ground, and went back to work.

That happens to me, sometimes several times a day: I am roughly shoved off a table.

This is something you could do between 11am and 4pm this Saturday in Seattle–come and say hi to me or distract me, shove me off a table.

More about the event is on the Henry’s site, here.

I made some copies of a new small book, “the little t in tiny”, which I’ll have at the gallery. You could get one there, then.