rotating around 2 centers at 1 time

August is already happening and it isn’t August. I’m getting ready (laying out and printing a small book) for a reading on August 3rd with Amelia Gray at the Neptune. This is in Seattle and if you’re here, come! I really like what she has here. I’m looking forward to getting a copy of her book, AM/PM, at the reading.

I guess I’m a little nervous about the reading. I’ll probably bring cookies, like I did when I defended my thesis against my nervousness with more cookies than people were willing to chew.

Cookies. What else?

I got applied, and by some process was selected, for a scholarship to the Wave “three days of poetry” happening around here in August. The day before that begins, there’s going to be some sort of literary death match. Matthew Simmons, Ryan Boudinot, and Matt Briggs will try to match each other to death.

I twittered. Not sure if I will again.

A new thing of mine in The New Yinzer should be up soon. Claire Donato guest edited this issue.

Adam Robinson (Publishing Genius) said some nice things about Dewclaw. Adam contributed to Dewclaw finding a decent printer. Thanks Adam!

I moved into a house with a juicer. Most of the water in my body is now apple-celery-ginger-mint juice. It’s hot here. Seems like I stick to every surface.

We tried some honey from our bees! Adam thinks it tastes like sorbus, but I’m not so good at discerning where the bees are getting their nectar. Not yet.