mike young


In July I read in Portland. Did I tell you about it? I don’t think I did because I was too overwhelmed by things then to talk much about them. Kevin Sampsell organized the reading. He read funny introductions for each reader. I thought these introductions had disappeared into the sky above Portland until this morning, when I read them in the last issue of Lamination Colony. Somehow the sky disgorges its content.

Today Mike Young and Rachel Glaser are coming to Providence.


lovely textile

by Sheela Gowda, ‘Blooms’

An example of white space.


I like Mike Young’s answer to the question “What creates likable, memorable characters?” (2nd question to the end)

You can think of light as a particle and you can think of it as a wave. I don’t know what reality is, so it’s difficult for me to talk about mimesis. (Though I do sometimes.)

I’ve been thinking about something I heard a Buddhist call “feeling tone”.

Like, …”How do we know when a person is present?” (Allen Grossman via Kate Greenstreet’s blog.)


I’ve been looking at pictures of details someone else has sewn. I’ve also begun to cross-stitch a space ship from Captain Forever.



The Bellamy quilt. See if you can recognize the bit of sheet music. Nobody knows what it is.

Bellamy quilt