lightning source

two dead men


A Dewclaw update–

We’ve decided to switch to a different printer. I’m glad to be switching, even if it does mean Dewclaw will appear slightly later than I had hoped. The printer we’ve been trying to work with, Lightning Source, is just so inflexible about how they want their files. If Lightning Source were a city, there would be spikes on every rail.

A bee update–

There are two dead drones in the photo above. Drones are males, and they don’t do any work. The other bees may have killed them. Isabella Rossellini’s short movie about bees is funny and, I think, accurate.

bees & dewclaw updates

First–the bees. They’re capping comb.



Dewclaw 1 has been sent to the printer. Because the printer’s website is a clunker and their layout instructions confusingly written (from a technical writer’s perspective), printing has been slightly delayed. Should be finished by mid-June, I’m hoping.

Once printing is finished, I think I’ll blog something about my experience with the printer we chose (Lightning Source) in case it’s useful to you, who might be contemplating publishing something. If you’ve used a different printer, I hope you’ll let me know how it went. I’m looking for a printer for issue 2.


Submissions for the next issue of Dewclaw will open the first day of summer, June 21, 2009. Here’s what I’m looking for, as posted on the Dewclaw page:

Submissions for issue two will reopen June 21, 2009. Please send words that move around the notion of “under” (sub-). Sub-dermal, sub-lingual, sub-textual, sub-marine. A cross-sectional illustration revealing the foundations of a city to be another city.

Issue two will be a guide book to the under-regions of other books. What goes on under there?


A copy of Dewclaw 1 will be given away in this contest of Blake Butler’s. What a good way to do a contest. No entry fee!