I have some books I’ve been meaning to give away:

1. Forecast by Shya Scanlon (signed copy). I published chapter 41 on this blog a while ago. The publisher, Flatmancrooked, sent I think 20 copies to the first 20 people who offered to give the book away. All of Forecast can be read online. There’s something about having a book, though.

2. Lost Body Projected. Kind of fever-dreamy, written by me. Mud Luscious generously gave me a bunch of contributor copies. Seems useless to keep them all in a little stack on my shelf.

3. Mystery. Written by alpine unicorns and St. Bernards in an igloo about the mysterious lights and glistening things made by people who live in the valleys below.

If you would like one of these books, email evelynh at gmail dot com and tell me what you ate for breakfast and I will send the book that I think best fits what your life will be like in 20 years. In your email, include an address where you would like the book sent. This will go on until the books are gone.