Today I woke up early. I ate a large breakfast involving beans and huevos and read about the farm bill. Then I biked to Olneyville, where I am in charge of being rain for Adam’s market garden while he’s on the w. coast, raining. At the garden, I am La Señorita. I am offered helado and I do not accept. Clearly this is the end of the writing program part of my life and the beginning of peas, onions, chard, kale kale kale lettuce. I am excited about this new plan: I eat salad and read poems about cheese. I’m really excited to have a story, The Monk and the Nun, in this month’s Mother’s News. Mother’s News is the newspaper of record and also the only paper I know of that is entirely a koan–even the ads are included in its mood of body-based wisdom.

I’ve been helping Adam with the fermented food business he’s started. For now I’m in charge of the United States. Just kidding, it’s a website.

The other part of this news is, I will tell you later!