A short thing by me appears in issue 59 of Conjunctions, which is just out and includes lots of writers I admire: Rosmarie & Keith Waldrop, Rae Armantrout, Lydia Davis, William Gaddis (who I always for some reason confuse with William Gass, who’s luckily also in the issue), Brian Evenson, Sarah Tourjee…

Every Day, an Epic was written in the Waldrops’ house while I was cat-sitting for them. To get a sense of this house, imagine a book with thousands of books inside of it. The books inside the book line the words of the book; sometimes a book falls from a word onto a pile of books that have also fallen from words. The words of the book can’t be read because there are so many books covering them. It feels right to me that Every Day is included in an issue with the Waldrops since it was really their house that wrote it and fills its words still.

I know money is going out of style, but if you’ve still got some, please buy a copy!