evening of paper


Hi everybody. Summer looked at me. She wasn’t organizing. Sharon showed me the blue tape. My cue was blurred. Sharon practiced rolling a blue glass orb. I have to get this right or the literary community will shun me. Oh dear, said a girl in white. I brought her a jar of water. I felt like a man when she took it from me. I have to find a lot to eat, and then I did. I ordered the burrito, then hurried back to the chapel. I walked in behind Stacey Levine. Conversations in doorways are indecisive things. Which way are we going? Sharon led the girl in white away with a pink ribbon. Don’t listen to motherfucking Sharon, said a man in a dark suit. Since darkness had changed things, now my cue was to pretend to understand the Communist’s signing hands. I read about American capitalists. I can hide in bright enough light. Sometimes the audience is there behind their hands. In the Dispute Resolution Center, a Venn diagram was money, money, money. Where they overlapped was a big hole.  I told Adam he had to be my front light. There’s a bump there, he said.


Here’s where you’ll find Adam and me this Saturday, at a table arrayed with Dewclaw and cookies: An Evening of Paper. Here’s a description of the event from Pilot’s website

Truculent or translucent tendencies for abstraction?

Welcome to The Chapel, Saturday May 15, 5:30-10:30pm.

Join Pilot Books and the Wayward Music Series for An Evening of Paper—unfolding as probable and improbable geography of the arts. Creative events auteur Sharon Alexander has arranged a montage of ideas, images and sounds for your experience and enjoyment.

Readings by Stacey Levine, Em Kanskje, Evelyn Hampton, Jarret Middleton, William Allegrezza, Summer Robinson, Tyler Holm, local zinesters and special guests. Music, field recordings and soundscapes by Wilson Shook, John Teske, Moriah Neils, Ryan Rood and assorted improvisors.

Short films . . . tea and oranges . . . sunset and stained glass.

Invite your friends, and all our friends will meet and talk.

The Chapel in the Good Shepherd Center is located at 4649 Sunnyside Avenue North in Wallingford.