dewclaw reading


The Dewclaw reading happened and it was good, everything worked out, I got to meet a bunch of the nice people I email. Adam took photos–see them here. Adam was sitting in the back of the room, so you won’t be able to see the readers’ nose hairs.

Jac Jemc, one of the readers whose story we published in issue 2, says a very nice thing about the reading on her blog: “I think this was maybe the reading at AWP in which I really wanted to be everyone else in the room, even though I was unfamiliar with most of those people’s work. AND I was hungover. BUT I still enjoyed it the most.”

The plan for Dewclaw is to keep making it better. We’re going to build a website for the magazine and publish the next issue online. We’ll also publish small, hand-bound, single-author books, one or two for each issue of the magazine. These are going to be really nice. The idea is for you to have something really nice to touch while you’re reading the magazine, which will otherwise have no tactility beyond that of your keyboard and mouse and whatever else you touch while you look at the internet, maybe yourself. Maybe you are really nice.