Piotr of MINIMALBOOKS translated my story, “Stories of the Things That Had No Power of Their Own”, into Polish. A fun thing to do is to Google-translate it back into English.  Here is the third back-translated paragraph:

My family has had problems caused by the stupidity of my parents or someone else, or maybe no one’s stupidity, or perhaps their parents and anyone else. I did not feel like a girl. Did not feel like a boy. But it was my name and details are taken on the name of the shape to the adult, where I lived.

It’s true, my family has had problems caused by anyone else’s stupidity.

Another funny translation:

As a child I thought that the promised future is God, and somehow his apostles in the minibuses…

Also in the March issue is my response to Amina Cain’s I Go To Some Hollow. You can read my response in English here.