soon, slowly, moving

I’m moving this site to soon, and after I do that (this weekend?) I will post the interviews with Stacey Levine and Lily Hoang, which are good, they both have things to say.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in a suburb where I’ll be working on election day, training for the work I’ll be doing, and where I walk around quite a bit between the election place and bus stops, and I have noticed this creepy decorative trend: statues of animals that probably once lived in this place before urban sprawl pushed them out. There are statues of black bears stranded between used car lots, in front of McDonald’s, their paws raised, claws and teeth bared. Maybe this is supposed to be ironic, these dark iron-looking statues, maybe this is suburban irony. These bears will be even creepier after the election if the election doesn’t go well and I pass them in the dark on the way to the bus back into the city.