The arugula seeds are under a bag of raw cashews on top of a plastic CD spindle case.

In our absence the roommates might sit on the lawn eating cereal holding badmitton rackets.

Even the dog that shits in the driveway is polite; he turns up his face mid-shit when I tap on the window, politely goes away.

Now I am considering the moisture-wicking properties of various fabrics, the sporty logos of outer shells, that mountain is nice when it’s behind the city skyline, that monogram.

That guy who said he was sexually attracted to Mt. Everest, is he from Seattle?

Subarus with bike racks. More Subarus. Subarus.

A large tattooed woman reading a large book at a bus stop looks over at a large tattooed woman reading the bus schedule. I ride by on my bike looking pretty androgynous, helmeted.

If you have computer problems. If you are Mid-western. If you are skiing while texting. If you are into Anime and girls who look like Anime characters.

Seattle, you and California should meet somewhere in Oregon. In a hippie’s mud hut in Ashland? Maybe in Weed.