I sometimes think that I am healthier than most people–is that really sick? Maybe I am sicker than most people for thinking I am healthier.

Sardines are why I think I am so healthy. You have to eat the bones to get really powerful.

Sometimes I see power in places that are not me. I see it in the size of a purse. All those celebrities. Have they been eating sardines? I think a sardine should be a celebrity.

I know someone who hates sardines yet eats them anyway because of omega-3s. But shouldn’t her body be less able to use the omega-3s because of her hatred? Seems like hatred would interfere.

In this song Notorious B.I.G. raps about eating sardines. For him I guess eating sardines was a negative thing. “The opposite of a winner.” Yet maybe if he had just kept on eating sardines, he’d still be alive? Now you see. Sardines.