I’m back from the silent retreat, but I’m still not really back to blogging. I just don’t want to do it, yet I want to tell you about the retreat, and the chickens that were waiting for me when I got home.

We have three hens now. I named them Carol, Steve, and Franz, after my meditation instructors. Now I am eating more eggs than I was before the retreat–at least one a day. Eggs are nice, silent vessels; if it could be arranged that I could sometimes hang out inside an egg, once a week, working up to every-other day, I would probably do it.

What else is it important to tell you? That the retreat was in Barre, MA. It lasted ten days. It was at the Insight Meditation Society, which teaches Vipassana meditation, which, if you’re interested in what that is, you can find out a little more on IMS’s website, here.

I don’t know how much I’ll be back to this blog in the next few months. Classes will end soon, and then there will be gardens to tend and different cities to visit (New York, Minneapolis, Eugene, Ithaca). But I’m sure there will be things I want to brag about between now and when classes start again. Like for instance if I start eating two, maybe even three egggs a day–I will want to tell you about those sorts of things. And if I start spelling “eggs” with as many gs as eggs I’ve eaten that day. Yes, I can tell already, there will be lots of reasons to continue blogging.