rereading things, it’s raining, feeling sort of bad.

I’ve been rereading Kathryn Regina’s chapbook, As I Said. It’s free and it’s online, so if you want to read it, go here. (Yes, it’s issuu: if you don’t want to get dizzy, click on a page, then move the slider at the top of the screen to the left.)

Here are some lines I really like:

An ant is crawling into a hole looking for something
Something is written in the dirt and it’s nothing mystical
says the ant whose whole life is mystical [11]


“You are moving around like one of those white butterflies
so close to being a moth.”

“Aren’t all butterflies moths the way squares are rectangles?”

“The way they handle light is different.”

If she looks at me long enough I will become something different
like a window pane or the reflection of a tree in the kitchen faucet

“Not completely different, just added to.” [16]