It’s May. I bought a domain called I went there for a second and it was calm, it looked at me the way an animal doesn’t always look at your face, like I owned a leash.

Let’s just sit quietly together, I said to the new domain. We can both put borage butter on our faces and cuticles and wait.

In 3-4 months, the new domain will be a different place. There will be an online journal featuring curated sections and translations, along with a blog containing interviews, dialogs, and audio and video, the journal and blog together the online presence of a publishing appendage of Dewclaw, which will print and bind two single-author books in the next year.  And perhaps the most exciting part of all is that two additional editors, Claire Donato and Jeff Johnson, are already helping to transform the new domain.

In 3-4 months, Adam and I will be in a different place. Sporadic updates will be the mainstay of this blog as we leave our hardiness zone of 8 to find a place to live in a zone 6 city.