my review of blake butler’s EVER

Blake Butler is a giant Saguaro cactus. He’s just sitting out there in the desert watching things happen on Earth and in Earth’s sky. Sometimes David Lynch drives by and recognizes Blake from the last time David Lynch drove by. They exchange signs of recognition in forms like meteor showers and blank stares. Measured ground-to-apex, Blake is almost 13 meters tall. Blake takes up to 75 years to develop a side arm with which he taps you on the shoulder when you think it’s just you in the house. Bats feed on the nectar of Blake’s night-blooming flowers and pollinate the night-blooming flowers of other Saguaro. One day, Blake will get really hot from sitting around in the desert sun, and he’ll explode. It’s a myth that tarantulas come out of Blake when he explodes. What really comes out are sentences, perfectly formed and capable of nesting in your syntax for however long.

(You can purchase EVER from Calamari Press’s website.)