memory shelters

Sometimes when I’m running around the lake near my house, I start to think of something I want to write. But I don’t want to stop to write it down–I’m running.

So I’ve been figuring out a system for remembering things while I’m running around the lake. There are three shelters, each about one mile from the other. I can use the shelters to store ideas.

Between the beginning of my run and the first shelter, I have some ideas. I leave all of those at the first shelter as I pass it. When I get to the second shelter, I leave all of the ideas I’ve had since the first shelter. And so on. Between the third shelter and home, I keep three words in my head, a word for each shelter, each word a representative of the ideas I’ve stored in the shelter. On my last run, I was repeating “song, blackout, solder” while I ran home.

So far, I’ve used the shelters to write a couple of things, and when I read those things now, they seem obviously written in three parts, each part having its own shelter.