Memory Day

What happened?

Root (roommate’s cat) climbed a tree and brought down a nest of baby birds. The parents sat on a wire and watched. Then they flew away, and then they came back, and then they flew away again. We put the nest in a different tree, thinking, They’ll come back.

I saw a man at the park playing catch with himself. He had a boomerang that seemed to hurt his hand–the way he’d shake after each catch. Nearby, a kid babbled to himself; he was playing at being himself in the dirt.

Adam and I had brunch with two grandmas. Brunch with grandmas! What a nice way to get from breakfast to lunch in one meal. Omelets with mushroom “hen of the woods” (Adam–I remembered one of its names), asparagus, goat cheese from the farmer’s market. Blueberry coffee cake, fresh grapefruit-orange juice. Coffee and pears.

Blueberries from a family with a dog that walks down stairs using only its front legs, so it looks like it’s going to flip but doesn’t.

“This film is very different because I don’t have a script.” (Last night, we talked about David Lynch. How film instructors love him.)

We looked at the bees. They’re building. I think they have eight combs now. There are a few that fell to the bottom of the hive, which the bees are using to store pollen and honey. I tried their honey. It tasted like honey and something else–maybe those blue flowers.

I made a bouquet. I watched people walk, thought, I feel awake. It’s like feeling safe.


Wow, I feel chatty today about the mundane, my life.