So everything is happening all at once, like once when I went inside a twisty slide and WAS its twists. Now I embody that memory in my adult life and make many decisions, like how many eggs to break open for breakfast and how many dollars to spend on eggs. There are many piles to extrapolate into lists, and sometimes there are lists.

My friend Stephanie made a Mad Libs for me and according to it, my life is like this:

Evelyn Kerfuffle Hampton was born and slammed on an elephant farm in rural Thailand. Her father was a blue dentist and her mother spent her time reigning over eggs. Evelyn first became interested in sinking at a young age when she read a book by Hilary Clinton that inspired her to live a better life. Evelyn was trained in cinnamon at Sauna University, studying with famous rooms like Edgar Allen Poe and Bjork. Most recently Evelyn has been thinking on a book inspired by tampons, and in her spare time she enjoys riding her finger around the office.