Insignificant admissions

In the last few months I have tried to make this blog less personal, posting less frequently and changing the aesthetic so that white space dominates text. I like it better this way.

But now I’m going to say something personal. I like to smell like medicine. Which I realize is an impersonal odor, institutional, masking my body’s real odor, which I don’t think I can smell, it’s a kind of sensory blindness.

I would like to know the people around me well, to smell their apartments and to see how they store their silver ware. To know what they think about the way they perform banal tasks like adjusting broken mini-blinds. My silver ware, which is not silver, is all thrown into one drawer and I reach in and sometimes can’t locate a spoon. How else do people live, and how did they learn to live that way. What nervous ways do they move their feet during a job interview. I want to know people, anything about them.