in the future, i will be covered with bees

Adam is building a hive, and in April, we’re going to get bees from someone who lives outside of the city and put them in the hive, in the city. Bees are sold by the pound.

Are there people I know who will get tired of receiving honey at each holiday?

Humans swarm, too. I was reminded of that when I watched this video. (sorry if you have to watch an ad for starburst or something first.)


I think that the first issue of Dewclaw will be published in June. But more about that soon.


I’m going to have a story, “Mr. Gray,” in 30 Under 30, an anthology edited by Lily Hoang and Blake Butler. I’m really curious about what this anthology is going to be like. I’m also curious about what it will be like to be covered with bees. I think it will be loud and tingly.