I’m giving away access to my account on HTMLGIANT. If you want to be able to post as Evelyn Hampton on that website, send an email to evelynh at gmail.com letting me know. I will send you my username, password, and the instructions I was given about how to post.

Of course you can post whatever you want. Promote whatever interests you.

If more than one person emails me wanting access, I will give it to more than one person. I don’t think that I’ll continue posting to the site as Evelyn Hampton, but it’s possible I will. Eventually I will stop giving away access (I doubt many people will be interested, though).

There is nothing wrong with my account–it’s not haunted or otherwise broken or bad, I don’t think, unless my name is those things.

I’ve thought about whether something bad could come of this. I suppose something bad could happen, and I’m interested in what it could be. My intentions are not malicious, I’m not trying to make anything bad happen to anybody or to me. I’ve used the site to promote things that are important to me, and now something that’s important to me is dissolving my attachments to me.