I wonder a lot about what I am doing with this blog, what is its purpose and how is it like or unlike honey.

Today I think this blog exists for me to tell you things like this–

My roommate’s toad was leaping against the glass of its case, climbing up a corner quite far by placing one hand and one foot on each pane and shimmying, sort of, an amphibious shimmy. Then it would fall back onto its back, and then it would repeat the shimmy. It did this for a long time. Probably it was very hungry, maybe it thought it was dying. I was inspired to do a headstand in the middle of the room, a daring thing for me because I am afraid of falling in a direction other than where I am looking. But I thought that if the toad isn’t afraid of falling a distance greater than the length of its body onto its back, then I will not be afraid of falling backwards onto my back.

I did the headstand and I didn’t fall. This is the hands-clasped-behind-head sort of headstand (not arms-at-right-angles-hands-pressing-into-floor sort of headstand) that for me is the “real” headstand only because I’m not very good at it.

(This page makes it seem as if everyone can do a headstand. “Hispanic woman doing headstand at beach.”)

It is winter. The toad is in its glass case. I am inside with the heat. This blog is a totally indoors creature, a real nerd. I like telling you things like this.

“simple pleasures. accomplishment. headstand.”