giving away a dewclaw

If you want an issue of Dewclaw and haven’t ordered one yet, send an email to dewclaw dot mag at gmail dot com with “DEWCLAW RAFFLE” in the subject line. I am not case sensitive.

Next Tuesday, that’s June 30, I’ll write your name on a piece of paper and put those pieces of paper in a pannier. I’ll find a stranger to reach into the pannier and pull out a name. I’ll send a Dewclaw to that person.


Dewclaw is here, Adam’s short post about helping edit. Also, a photo of me that includes panniers.


If you want to donate to Dewclaw, you can now do that from this blog. There’s a button on the right, under the “buy now” button. A donation can work like a subscription. If you’re kindof interested in that but aren’t sure, email me (dewclaw dot mag at gmail dot com) and I will convince you either that it’s a good idea or a bad idea. Your money will not be used by me to purchase gas, guns, or beasts of burden.