from a journal

No one really knows how it happens:

physically and biologically, something is present that was not there before.

I could see the leading edge as a thin line of echo moving NE.

I could feel myself breathing on the other side of the monitor, where there was a swamp.

The hull, breaking, was said to talk.

Caught a tiny fish down there. Took a picture with my phone in the dark. Just black.


Lines 1 & 2: from The Transmission of Affect by Teresa Brennen

Line 3: from Cliff Mass Weather Blog, the original wording slightly altered.

Line 4: me, after reading some of the article, “Hostage Hallucinations: Visual Imagery Induced by Isolation and Life-Threatening Stress”

Line 5: me

Line 6: Adam’s status update a few days ago, altered slightly