first story

I got a typewriter for Christmas when I was eight or nine, and I tried to write a story. I didn’t finish the story, I just typed one page and then wrote my edits in on the typed page. I found the story in a trunk of my old journals when I moved recently. I’m going to post part of this story and maybe later parts of the journals because some of the things I wrote are funny to me now. Here’s part of the unedited story: (kind of embarrassing…)


YOU AND I KNOW THAT IF you look into a mirror you see your reflection and a reflection of everything else around you. But Lydia Sigaro saw beyond her own reflection, she saw another world. Sometimes she’d sit in front of the mirror for hours wondering how to get through it. But one day she found what she was looking for. She finally knew how to get through the mirror. Actually, she found the answer written on the mirror. It was written in something that looked like mud.