It was just summer–now there’s a hurricane to wait for. After that, I go back to class. I’ll be teaching fiction to seniors. When I was a senior, I only wanted real people to come through my door. I took calculus and physics. I took off my glasses so I could draw better blurs. I wonder whether these seniors will be more comfortable with invisibilities. I might test whether taking off my glasses before I go into the classroom will help me be less nervous when I start to speak.

A few nights ago I dreamed I was reading something wonderful. The only words I could remember when I woke up were “droughty Antibes.”

This summer I have read: Rilke, Gass, Woolf, Proust. And The Dreaming Girl by Roberta Allen.

And two stories have been published: “Girl” in The Brooklyn Rail and “I Carried My Coma” on Sidebrow’s site.