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Famous Children and Famished Adults, winner of the 2018 Ronald Sukenick Prize for Innovative Fiction, published by FC2 / University of Alabama Press, in 2019.

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Discomfort, short stories published by Ellipsis Press in 2015.

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“Similar to the condensed conceptual slyness of Lydia Davis and the unexpected turns of George Saunders, the neurotic discomforts revealed by Hampton’s characters become before our eyes less bizarre and more surprisingly familiar portraits of life in our new age of anxiety.”

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Heavy Feather Review
NOO Journal
Lines from Discomfort paired with images by Mark Baumer
Necessary Fiction


The Aleatory Abyss is a long essay about chance operations, spoofing, the election, and people who live in malls. It’s dedicated to Mark Baumer. It was published on June 27, 2017 online at Real Pants. It’s also available as an ebook and in paperback and hardcover editions.


MADAM, a tale told in episodes about a realm called the Academy and a personage called Madam. Published by Meekling Press in May 2016. Order online from the publisher or Powell’s.

SEVEN TOUCHES OF MUSIC, published by alice blue books in 2015.

WE WERE ETERNAL AND GIGANTIC, a chapbook of prose and poetry published by Magic Helicopter Press in 2009.

An incredibly kind review by Molly Gaudry in Big Other.
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And as a “small-press holiday recommendation”.