There’s news about Dewclaw–

We* are working on the third issue, which will include the word work of Darren Angle, Mark Bibbins, Amina Cain, Susan Daitch, Farrah Field, Kate Greenstreet, Emily Gropp, Shelley Jackson, Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi, and music by Damon Tomblin introduced by Noelle Kocot. Look for the issue online in mid-January. Look here for unrelenting hype between now and then.

We’re also talking about a reading by Dewclaw contributors at AWP. I’ll tell you more when there’s more to tell.

If you live in Providence, issues 1 and 2 are now at Ada Books on Westminster. If you live in Providence, you probably already know where Ada is because it is good, and Providence is small, and small + good sometimes means everyone already knows where you are.

*Who we are has changed. We’re now more names: Claire Donato and Jeff Johnson have joined Adam and me. Claire and Jeff’s influence is immense and can’t be contained by this asterisk, which is exploding.