cut & pasted from a journal

1. In many modern building complexes the problem of disorientation is acute. People have no idea where they are, and they experience considerable mental stress as a result.

2. Logic and meditation cannot fabricate a conduit between what resides in the mind and what the eye perceives. Dreams become urgently real, and to negotiate them into reality requires a landscape…

3. Slowly there are bends in the bank to what happens / Between the two shores down comes a sound track / We get music which is time moving loudly

4. We are the diagram of the functions of inhabiting that particular house…

5. Come tomorrow and sort this hell hole out. Dinner and drinks, Bring wine and caviar only.

6. It’s very hard for most of us to tolerate being loved.


1. A Pattern Language: Circulation Realms
2. Matthew Hendrickson, Harp & Altar
3. from Slowly, by Lyn Hejinian
4. from The Poetics of Space, Gaston Bachelard, 15.
5. Email sent by a sleeping woman. First documented case of sleep emailing.
6. “What Makes Us Happy?”