Catalog of sensations

like the warmth of a hydrothermal vent

I’ll say no more for as i am an oyster
fried marrow, pistachios, sliced almonds big silver bowl
the purple bloom of the piled up.

(this is courtesy of spam & grocery shopping)
(i think this would fit into a category called “still life” if there was one here)
(my kitchen sink is clogged, it doesn’t drain at all, this is affecting my peace of mind, dirty dishes are on all the counter space, i washed a few dishes in the shower, maybe i will take them all in the shower with me, even the knives, this could be the dangerous thing i do today)
(here is an article about the ocean floor)
(let’s hang out by a hydrothermal vent)
(UN Atlas of the Oceans)

Catalog – sounds – obsolete sound

This is the first entry in the “Catalog of Sensations,” a new category to which I’ll add photo, text, and sound entries that record a memorable sense experience.

A note about this entry: the sound of a pump-powered drinking fountain is filed in the subcategory “obsolete sound” for its rarity. The sound of a small machine that squeaks and clanks, and needs oil to function well, is rare in urban daily life (unless you ride a bicycle). It’s also rare for the entirety of a machine’s moving parts to be immediately visible: no plastic case to pry open, no hood to prop. In both its transparency and its susceptibility to weather, the pump reminds me of the bicycle.

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