by the pit

Today I had lunch by the pit. It’s going to be a park but isn’t yet. I’ve eaten there once before because it’s on my route from home to work, and sometimes I want to eat before I get anywhere. I sit on a large concrete block with my back to the road, facing brambles and trees. Some of the trees have ribbons tied to their branches, whatever that means. Today I was staring at the tree that’s easiest to see because it’s in the foreground of a denser tangle. I was looking at the tree but I guess really looking past it, into the tangle. Then I very slowly began to notice fruit in the branches of the tree. I saw it before I thought it, and it was like my eyes were creating the fruit for my brain to see. It was very slow and melodic seeing, like being woken up by a song. I picked some of the fruit and finished getting to work.


There’s going to be a death match in Seattle on November 11, and Stacey Levine will be representing Dewclaw. I’m really excited because nobody’s going to die because Stacey Levine is going to win.