alison bundy + Dewclaw 2

When I Google “Alison Bundy”, Alison Bundy is a gymnast in skirt and heels. Then she is standing in the Palace of Westminister in front of Big Ben. Then she is in Louisville, Kentucky, with a slightly different name.

I can find only a couple of things online by the Alison Bundy I am looking for, one of my very favorite writers, who wrote some of my favorite books, Duncecap, A Bad Business, and Tale of a Good Cook.

Stacey Levine, Robert Walser, Kate Bernheimer, Sheila Heti–Alison Bundy’s writing could be compared to theirs, but she has power and language of her own.

There is an excerpt here from something called “The Child’s Tale,” which isn’t in any of the books I listed above.

And if you subscribe to Harper’s you can read two things online here, “Episode from the History” and “Family Statement.”

We’ll have a couple of tales by Alison Bundy in the next issue of Dewclaw, and I’ll also be posting an interview with her on this blog. I’m really happy about this–being able to get a little more of Alison’s writing where people can read it.

The next issue of Dewclaw is starting to come together. I’m still reading submissions and will be until the issue is full. I’m not sure when that will happen–it kind of depends on you.