Waiting to be interviewed at the temp agency, I decided everything might be better if I pretended that I was waiting to be interviewed for work aboard a space craft. They would need to know how quickly I can type and enter data because there is a lot of data to enter when you are in space. There might even be opportunities to operate a cash register; a space ship needs people aboard with all sorts of abilities, just in case.

Thinking this way transformed the dusty fake trees in the waiting area–they became nice souvenirs of the planet I would soon be leaving instead of depressing reminders of a reality I would never be able to escape. The magazines–ISLANDS and DIVING–were now intriguing because actually about deep space. It was important to seem chipper during the interview because quarters are close aboard spacecraft, and people need to be reassured that I will get along and be cheerful even when feeling withdrawn.

I became excited that I might get to leave earth soon. I think I conveyed my enthusiasm adequately to the woman at the Agency.