Hi everybody. Summer looked at me. She wasn’t organizing. Sharon showed me the blue tape. My cue was blurred. Sharon practiced rolling a blue glass orb. I have to get this right or the literary community will shun me. Oh dear, said a girl in white. I brought her a jar of water. I felt like a man when she took it from me. I have to find a lot to eat, and then I did. I ordered the burrito, then hurried back to the chapel. I walked in behind Stacey Levine. Conversations in doorways are indecisive things. Which way are we going? Sharon led the girl in white away with a pink ribbon. Don’t listen to motherfucking Sharon, said a man in a dark suit. Since darkness had changed things, now my cue was to pretend to understand the Communist’s signing hands. I read about American capitalists. I can hide in bright enough light. Sometimes the audience is there behind their hands. In the Dispute Resolution Center, a Venn diagram was money, money, money. Where they overlapped was a big hole.  I told Adam he had to be my front light. There’s a bump there, he said.