a book is made + update

+ I added a PayPal button a bit farther down this page. Because buttons are convincing, maybe. The number of copies available is very small. May the button disappear soon. +

In the last post couple of posts I’ve talked about a small book I’ve been working on. I wanted to have something to sell for a few dollars (or give away) at the reading I’m doing tomorrow. Here’s how the cover looks–

not that far (cover)

And here’s page 37–

page 37

I’ve got 25 copies of these, and I suppose not all of them will be gone after the reading. If you’re interested in having one, please send me an email (evelynh at gmail dot com) and we can talk about PayPal stuff. The price is $3 plus a dollar for shipping, unless you live far enough to require international shipping.

Read some of a slightly different version on elimae.

Adam did the layout using LaTeX, which I think we’ll be using to lay out the next issue of Dewclaw. I had a frustrating time trying to print the text at a copy shop–the margins were odd and it wasn’t possible to fold the pages without folding up some of the text. This morning I was anxious to find someone who could understand what was going wrong in the layout and fix it, and I called a printer and tried to explain the situation.  I barely understood the jargon he was using to tell me how to reformat the margins so that he could print it correctly. And then it was like a game of telephone, me, trying to remember what the printer had said, which I felt I had barely heard because I didn’t understand most of it, repeating this to Adam in a chat window. Somehow Adam interpreted what I thought the printer had said, made some changes, and the book was printed and ready this afternoon. It looks pretty good for being the result of probably many mis-communications.