lovely textile

by Sheela Gowda, ‘Blooms’

An example of white space.


I like Mike Young’s answer to the question “What creates likable, memorable characters?” (2nd question to the end)

You can think of light as a particle and you can think of it as a wave. I don’t know what reality is, so it’s difficult for me to talk about mimesis. (Though I do sometimes.)

I’ve been thinking about something I heard a Buddhist call “feeling tone”.

Like, …”How do we know when a person is present?” (Allen Grossman via Kate Greenstreet’s blog.)


I’ve been looking at pictures of details someone else has sewn. I’ve also begun to cross-stitch a space ship from Captain Forever.



The Bellamy quilt. See if you can recognize the bit of sheet music. Nobody knows what it is.

Bellamy quilt