I want to let you know of a few things. First is that the list of contributors for the first issue of Dewclaw is finally final, and now Adam and I are going to be working on layout and settling on a printer. We’re trying to decide between two small printing shops each with at least one friendly, helpful person, and Lulu or some other print-on-demand.

The writing and illustrations in this first issue, well, you will see how good they are. I’ll let you know when you can pre-order an issue. Probably sometime end-of-April.

Another thing: I’m going to be interviewing Claire Donato and Amina Cain and I’ll be posting the outcome of that to the “interviews” page. My interview style has been described in the following way: “I have this crazy idea, have you had this crazy idea too?” We will see if this next round of interviews lives up to that description.

On the topic of crazy ideas: Adam has finished the hive where we’ll soon be depositing three pounds of bees, check it out here.