The birds are cleaning the path where I like to walk in the morning–they’re picking up strands of dead grass and flying them into a tree. Still there is so much work to do. Just to counter gravity. I built some tepees out of bamboo and tied up the tomatoes; now they don’t weigh so heavily on me. I realized yesterday that my love of “outdoor adventure” stories–when I was a kid I loved the Robinson Crusoe/Mosquito Coast/Jon Krakauer stories of tough survival outside–had to change shape only slightly to become my love of monks’ and nuns’ stories about understanding the mind. They say it’s just nature. We are home now from a visit to the City.

In a dream before we left, I was asked, If we know that all of conceptual reality brings suffering, what are we supposed to do? After thinking very hard about it–I didn’t want to let this person down–I said, I think I’ll open a candy shop.