A few updates. Most people are probably wondering about the peas–did they grow? Or were they swallowed, all of them, by the snails in the darkness? They were not all swallowed, they did grow, and now today I am eating: peas. Patience grew them. They pulled time in through their roots and peas are mostly made of time, if you were wondering.

Another update is that I would like to have a puppet show. Something in the style of Lambchop’s Playalong where I am a human in a suit, and the puppet on my hand is a soft animal, maybe a kitty. The kitty will be a nihilist. So far this is the script:

Me (dressed in a dark suit, very proper, with a tie, speaking in a deep voice): Kitty, what do you believe in?

Kitty (a fuzzy gray one, speaking in a soft voice, a little sadly): I cannot believe in anything.

The final update: a restaurant named Joe Schmoe’s. No menus, no tables, just a man named Joe in a back room who emerges looking annoyed when you enter his restaurant. What do you want? he says. What do you have? He makes a gesture like a shrug. What did you eat for lunch? you ask. Someone brought me a couple of pineapples, he says, so I whipped them.

So you eat whipped pineapple and eggs, because Joe had a few eggs he felt like cooking.

The end for now, though I’m sure there will be more developments soon in these areas: peas, Kitty the Nihilist (maybe Kitty goes on a picnic), and Joe Schmoe’s.